This is pure love

In our life we meet love many times.. I can say, for example that I fall in love every day!! I fall in love for flowers, cats, babies, light, for a tear, for a smile, for a particular color and many many things!
Well here I wanna introduce you: PURE LOVE! This family just show us how much beautiful loving is!
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Stay Inspired, love



I will be always greatful

Oh my god I am so excited! Jana Williams, this famous and amazing wedding photographer as written an article on her official blog in which she thanks me for has been an inspiration for her!
Can you believe it? Oh I'm so happy, I feel so greatful!

Take a look at the article!

Can you recognize some of my pictures she posted on her blog? :)

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Happy mother's day to all the mom of the world!! Today all the social media are full of pictures and quotes about our mommy :) But I actually believe that we should rememeber the high value of them every day of our life!

I wanna celebrate them with this pics I shot to one young beautiful mom and her baby :)

Stay Inspired, love your mom



Hey guys, I'm so thrilled because I am featured on the italian magazine "Per Lei" ("For Her").
This is my first editorial picture and I am so glad! I wanna Thank Roberta Ruiu for her beauty and the magazine reditorial staff.

It's super amazing to open a magazine and find one picture of yours! Amazing feeling!

Abito: Zuzana Kubickova
Scarpe: Gaetano Perrone
Pochette e collana: Valentina Brugnatelli

Stay Inspired, love



Hey guys,

recently I posted on facebook this famous sentence from confucius: "Choose a job that you love, and you'll never work one day in your life".

Some of you wrote to me that we must be lucky to find that job and have also the opportunity of doing it. I spent days thinking of this and I decided to tell you a little bit more about me to let you know how I became a video-photographer and see if I am lucky.

When I was 16 and almost about to choose the path to follow as career I was strongly convinced that I wanted to become an actress :p

At that time I took professional classes of acting but one day something very special happen to me. I was in class when one of my director put me in front of a camera. The great thing was that I was more curious about what was happening behind the scenes than what about was happening there were I was.

I came back home with many doubts and curiosity so from the day after and for some days I asked a lot of questions to my teachers about: "how to shoot people, how to set up a camera functions, lenses, etc".

I basically understood what' light my fire :) and that what was interesting about become an actress was the I wanted to tell people stories, people emotions and not for acting itself. I realised that I wanted to show people how beautiful they are, how much the world can be amazing with them in, how much emotions there are in people umanity :)

I want to tell people stories with a little of romantic salt, a pinch of magic and a big quantity of love.

I started to study videomaking and photography. Study very hard. But I was happy because I knew that finaly I found what was the right way to follow. Growing up I also started to be intern in some companies and there, even if I carried just bags (litterally the all day) I standed repeating to me: as long as you learn something is going to be usefull.

Well, after years studing and working (for free) I started my small business (that it is small even now). I am particularly a wedding videomaker and photographer and this because I love romance, romantic staff, details, flowers, natural environments, colors, light, emotions and I can find all of this and so much more in weddings.

Coming back to the Confucius sentence I wanted to say that I thought a lot to that and I can say that I feel very lucky to have got that call but that was the only luck, because all is happening it heppened because I studied and worked (still working) hard, because I was very persistent, I never take a "no" as answer, even I was down for people "can't" I still kept going, because I am always focused and I really believe!

Well.. now you know something more about me, but I am really curious about you! What was/is your experience?

Stay Inspired, love


I've been at this Oriental Exhibition and I shot some pics that were inspiring me! <3








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Stay positive

I have been thinking a lot, lately, about how we get to where we are going. And about how important it's to know what you want and not focus on the how. Trust, surrender, and staying positive are key living the beautiful life you are meant to live.

When I was a promoter in supermarkets. I worked there forever! It was a crazy crowd all day; people litterally were absorbed by life troubles. It was a very loud, crazy, annoing, place to spend 40 hours of my week. I remember feeling like a victim and thinking there is no way to be positive when this is my life. Well, I needed the job and I also needed to find a way to be positive so I could find my way out of that job. (Don't get me wrong: be a hostess is great, is a honest and good job, but it wasn't right for me.)

Its like in photography, you stay focused and wait for the perfect moment.

If you are working a job or living in a household that is negative, you don't have to fall into the victim trap. You must look at the challenge as an opportunity.  Feed yourself with positivity and protect yourself from anything that doesn’t serve you.

About one year after I made the decision to stop being a victim and start being positive: I left the job.  When I look back now I wish I hadn’t worried so much about the how because it really distracted me. Your only job is to know the what. Know what you want and have the courage to ask for it, trust that you have it, and keep the faith. Its a daily practice.

I know it's kind of weird to hear words like that in this economic period but they aren't just words, they are my thought of life.

Stay Inspired!


Hey guys, yesterday was Easter day and I wanna to celebrate it with this beautiful and lightful pictures taken by me some days ago!
My best model, Irma, is always stunning and with her gorgeous smile I wanna wish a wonderful life to you all!


Thanks to Floricoltura Ciceri for the beautiful location! Visit their store, it's insanely full of inspirations!!!!



Stay Inspired, stay creative and stay in business

I think this informations are really usefull so I wanna share with you guys.
It’s kind of long so I’m gonna go through it kind of quicly and I’m going to use three different posts: one per week.


In this one, the first, we are gonna talk about STAYING INSPIRED

So this one is really closed to my heart because if you follow me on facebook, or instagram, twitter etc, you know that I always say “Stay Inspired, stay inspired.. bla bla”, but I’m not just saying this for fun and I’m not just saying this like a cash phrase, "STAYING INSPIRED" is maybe like foofoo and fluffy but honestly I really do truly believe that it’s the most important thing you can do for your photography art and your photography business.

So like I did it in my presentation I just wanna kind of go over what I mean when I say “Stay inspired”, so:

What is it? I just love this question so much because if you even look at the word it’s “in spirit” and so: what that means?! That inspiration already lives inside of you.

How do I get inspired?

So what that means? Is that you don’t have to find it, you don’t have to look for it, it’s not something you can borrow or buy or rent, so you already have, already own the inspiration that you need.


But now let me talk about three ways to find inspiration.

One way to find what inspires you is:
Ask yourself questions. Like, I think one of the coolest things to do is sit down with a piece of paper and pencil and ask yourself what do I love and specificly what do I love about photography. Like for exemple, some few things that I love: I love hats, I love flowers, I love fashion, I love white forniture, I really like white things, clean things, I like chocolate, I mean I can just write down things I like all the time because guess what, not everybody likes that, so this are things that inspire me and everybody must be very specific about things that you love. But if we start to be a little bit more specific about photography: What do you love about photography?! Well I love expression, I love to catch people laughing, I like to make women look beautiful, I like light, I like softness, I like flowers, I like shoes, I like dresses, so naturally being a wedding photographer is a perfect foot for me.
Another thing to do is getting inspired from other people, and you can be inspired by all the different kind of artists: sculputers, poets, people that cooks amazingly, people that just live their lives pretty greatly, all the different tipes of people inspire me, for example my sisters inspire me because they are older and is just beautiful the way in which they carry life troubles, and it’s, you know, we are all artists, all people are artists.

The fird one, is really really important to me, and it’s a kind of deep. Allow. Allow to yourself to be inspired; all of us are human, all of us have that thing in our had that tells us that we are not good enough, we are not smart enough, none is gonna like our idea, or we are gonna fail, every body and I get it all the time. But the thing is, if you are really strong, and you’re really focus then when that voice comes up you just have to ignored it, and your desire to create has to be bigger and louder and like braver than this thing that tell you that you can’t. So you have to allow.


How do you know when you are inspired.

Life feel effortless. Life is not effortless, life can be really heavy and there’s time in which is hard to move on but there’s things that happen in us that make us feel that we can do more. I always know that I can be better.

It’s all you can think about. So, photography is definetly what I think about most of my day, like I’m so in love with that, and you know if you are a beginner photographer or if you doing this for a long time that you see the world differently.

You feel called. So this one I love because we already talk about the desire that you have to create and listen to those inspiration that are inside of you is bigger and more powerful than the fear that often can sourrounded our inspirations.

And the last is: you feel it in your bones. It really does become a part of you. Every time your desire is bigger than your fear it becomes easier and easier to create and to take chances and to grow as an artist.


What do you once you got it.


Once you get inspired, once you feel the freedom, then you GIVE IT AWAY! Gave all your tiket away, life is like a bakery and you have all this beautiful cookies, like, start overflowing so what you do? If you wanna keep getting fresh cookies give your cookies away. You only get what you give in this life. Don’t try to, you know, keep your secrets, keep your inspiration like “oh gosh, this was really cool I don’t wanna share it with anybody else, they might be better than me”, when that happens, (is very human), you keep point that and push it to the side, your bigger than that and you give it away. Your energy, you know.


So next week I’m going to talk about how staying creative, and how I said at the beginning of this post, I know it’s like a little fluffy and intangible, “staying inspired” it’s an hard thing to explain but, i’m telling you, it’s sound intangible, fluffy and it is, but it is the secret. It’s one of the bigger sicret of how to keep this photography thing when you shooting weddings all the time.


So this is the conclusion, for now. I hope you enjoied it! Don't forget to follow me on facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. :)

Stay Inspired


A few fashion quotes I love

I am a WORDS person. I love quotes and words of inspiration.
I recently read a book on the designer Chloe and I was so taken back by what an artist Gabby Aghion, the original owner of the brand Chloe, was. She loved young emerging artist and was friends with Picasso. She lived in Paris and got most of her inspiration from her girl friends. She always wanted to dress them. The name Chloe actually came from her friend. Ill start with a quote by her.

“Fashion should be as fresh as a salad” - Gabby Aghion

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” - Coco Chanel

“One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.” - Karl Lagerfeld

“The most beautiful clothes that can dress a woman are the arms of the man she loves.” - Yves Saint-Laurent

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” - Marilyn Monroe

This pictures are taken with the absolutely stunning Roberta Ruiu who was interpreting a very chic, original and personal style wearing all glamorous pieces from Maximilian Linz boutique.
I personally believe that this girl doesn't need to add more drama to her beautiful body and face but dressed like this she's reaching the perfection of a queen!!! She is so enchanting that is quite a boudoir inspiration!!!!

Stay Inspired, love





it's spring time

Hey guys! It's been a little long! How everything is doing so far? Spring is arrived and I would say: FINALLY!
I am a big fun, as you know, of spring time for its colors, light, flowers and love!
It's the season of new lovers, new life!
I found a garden that I personally love very much Floricoltura Ciceri in which I shot this very amazing pictures!
I wanna thank Accessorize for giving to me all the pieces of jewelery that my precious model Irma is wearing and always God for letting me shoot this amazing life!

Stay Inspired, love


i can't wait for summer time

Oh my goodness, today i have an insane crazy idea of leaving the city and going to the beach! I know, I'm a little crazy. Is not exactly summer time but here in Milan, today there is a beautiful weather and is starting to be warm and clear until late in the evening.
I shot this pictures for sea lovers as me. I hope you enjoy them!
Stay Inspired, love


International Women's Day

Today is the International Women's Day and as I promise I shot some pictures about "us".
Women are creature of god and have always been related to the beauty, nicety and parfume of flowers, Oscar Wilde sais: "God wouldn't t have created the flowers if he had not created women".
I did this shooting with the only purpose of honor this blessed being which I am part of, it might be not very original as association (woman-flowers) but the thing that was very important for me is underline the natural beauty and light from the inside out of every woman, using my friend Irma Hici.
It was also a nice experience to share between me and her, we travel to reach the location for almost an hour and we had conversations about everything, as every girls team does, and we plan this together, thinking to every single ditails using our soul, cleverness, feelings and feminine intuition ;)
These pictures are very bright and colorful which was my first goal to reach, every one of "us" has many colors, we all have different and many aspects and the most of them are the result of sensibility, impulse, instinct, maternity, determination, strenght.

All your love, all your caring ways, all your giving these years are the reasons why my heart thinks of you on Women's Day! with a wish for happiness and a world full of love. Happy Women's Day!

A special thanks to Riccardo Ciceri and his beautiful mother for their support! Floricoltura Ciceri has given to me the chance to shoot in their beautiful location, being very kind and disposable!


I am featured on "yes in"

Hey guys! Today I'm so thrilled to announce that I'm featured on which is an international blog about weddings. The super kind Chiara Viarisio contacted me asking to write an article about wedding photography. I am so excited to see that there are also some pictures of mine published on it!!!
Take a look at the article!


These are pics that really inspire me!!!
























N71A3161  lakecomo_wedding_image4






























N71A4252 N71A4255-2



Valentine's Day is gone but love is always around us! I was thinking about love letters and how much they were romantic and absolutely timeless. Nowadays an SMS is the fastest way to reach our love but now look at this pics and tell me: don't you really want to write a few lines for your boyfriend/girlfriend? Isn't it cool?
Stay Inspired, love

Jana William PH



Sunday Morning

Hey my dears! Last sunday I spent some hours with a sweet friend of mine shooting some cool pictures. We went hanging around for Milan city without a specific destination and walking we arrive at Sempione Park in which we had a lot of fun at fun fair and finding cute locations for great pics.
It was the sunday after Valentine's day and there's one pic that is also a tribute to love for animals and not just for people! I hope you enjoy it!
Stay Inspired, love



photographer outfit

Today I'm going to post some cool tips about how to wear when you are going to shoot. There're always different occasion for shooting pictures and for every of them there is also a way to wear properly, comfortable and chic.
Here I'm posting this cool outfit I worn a few days ago when I went to shoot in the city center in Milan, with a dear friend, for fun, for photography love and passion.
Usually I like to wear ballerinas and never use hills because I like to be able to be free and have an easy way to find the right point of view. Shooting for fun it must be for fun so just the real necessary equipment that you can bring with you in a maxi bag and skirt or pants are up to you! I am, personally, wearing a pair of skinny jeans with pois black on black because I am not really happy with my legs :P and I prefere to avoir skirts :) but they can be awesome if they are comfortable, airy and make you feel good!
Here in Milan the weater is crazy in this period, so always bring with you jackets and coat, dress in layers. First word is: comfort! The second one is: glamour! Even if we are behind the scenes we don't have to give up on our beauty, we are still young and we deserve to shine! ;)
So, yeah, I hope you like this outfit, I promise that I will post more soon, and I will do better next :)
Keep following me and email me! Your suggestion are always an inspiration for me!!

Stay Inspired, love

*this are not professional pictures taken!!! Are made with an iPhone ;)


Light is all i need

This Christmas holiday has been full of travel and precious time spent with family.  I’ve even managed to take a little time away from my work.  Being removed from my usual routine of shooting and editing has made me appreciate my job even more.  I am beyond blessed to be able to shoot people’s love story for a living.

I named this post "Light is all I need" because I am used to say that I am a light seeker and I am in love for colors and sparks. Well, when I decided to shoot Federica Dallera I knew that I was going to shoot a beautiful girl, and I also knew that the location would have been awesome but I couldn't imagine that every single element of the nature would have been so perfectly matched!

Look at the light, is just magic and is complitely natural, there is not frosts or lamps, nothing, just God lights :)

Stay Inspired, love


Californian Wedding, JANA FROM ALABAMA

These are pics that really inspire me!
































love for the beauty

Today I wanna post this amazing pics about a beautiful wedding table prepared by Gruppo Plinio Hotels and Restaurants. I had the cool chance to meet them during the exhibition "Viva gli sposi" placed in Erba, in which I exposed all my photos and videos. As I always say, you know, I like stay inspired by the beauty and there I found this amazing team of incredibly kind people who creates insane decoration for the special day!
Their stand was so beautiful that won the first prize for the most beautiful set in the exhibition!
So, now I'm proud and honored to show with you some pics!
Stay Inspired, love


Why stay inspired

Hey my dears!
I've got many email by some of you that asking me why I always say "Stay Inspired" and why the most of my pics have this vintage look.
Well this post wants to be a sort of answer that I hope will be useful for you!
Once I was looking at a friend of mine who was saying to another to always follow her heart and let it lead the artistic part of our mind, then I thougt a lot on that conversation and I realised that inspiration are very important. It might be everything to inspire like walking in a park, watching a movie, reading a book, playing some games, etc.
I personally use to get inspiration by looking pictures on magazines, by learning from very talented and famous photographers, by hanging out in my favourite places with my camera, and watching movies.
So, if we let that inspiration make our heart richer than before than we will have more love to give!! :) So STAY INSPIRED, LOVE :)
And here it comes the second answer. I am always attracted by timeless, feminine and pastels colors stuff. I don't know why but the mix of it can create a vintage style picture that make my photos airy, fresh, romantic and bright. It doesn't have to be good or bad, it's my style and if you like it here we go some pictures in vintage style ;)


Love paris

As the title of the post says these are memories of Paris. I shot this pictures after the shooting of an amazing couple who had their rende-vous in Paris. They probably knew that I like very much macarons so they gave me this present!!
I just love them!!!! I love them so much that I couldn't stop to shoot some pictures :)
I hope you guys enjoy them and you have some good memories too!
Stay Inspired, love


Ciceri Garden Exhibition

Some days ago I had the chance to expose my artworks during an exhibition in Erba (CO). Well, there I met Riccardo Ciceri a talented floral weddings gardener! He made a beautiful and incredibly romantic floral wedding aisle which I was in love for :)
That's why I shot some pics of it and I wanna share with you guys!
Stay Inspired, love


Street style photography

Hi guys, this post is coming with all my excitement! I spent half day with Roberta Ruiu shooting some cool pics and here I wanna show you some of my favorite :)
She is simply beautiful, it's a truly joy for eyes looking at her natural poses. I like shooting feminine, timeless, glamour and bright pictures like this!

Street Style fashion holds a special place in my heart. Number one because its usually in natural light and number two I’m photographing something that I find cool beautiful or interesting and sharing it. We shot in horrible light at light 12 noon so I had to think fast and find a shaded area. I am standing in the street here and Roberta Ruiu is on the side walk she is getting natural reflection from the street.  I made sure to capture details as well as the full look to share.



Follow the light

Last Wednesday was an exciting day! I've been involved in an incredibly shooting of Giuseppe Papini bridal dress.
I named this blog post “Follow the Light”  because on this particular day I was loosing the light and was raining when I left home to reach the determined location in Bergamo. I started to panic but then I reminded myself to just say a prayer and follow the light. When I finally got to the set I had an amazing surprise: the sun shows his amazing rays up and that was all I needed. This was the most beautiful gift I could have and I felt blessed by God for the insane light.

Dress: Giuseppe Papini

Model: Irma Hici

A special thanks to Rosy and Valentina

Stay Inspired, love




I've been busy lately and I'm sorry if I didn't upload too much so far, but now here we go with an incredibly new post.
I shot an absolutely insane fashion show, of Rovi Sposi based in Paina, and I wanna share some pictures of it. I can't say how much fun I had and how beautiful was beeing in contact with so great and talented people! I wanna thanks Miss. Viviana and her absolutely amazing mother Rosa.
Stay Inspired, love



Mila and fabien video engagement

I love to listen Los Angeles radio station and I was listening to a talk about owning a business and this one question stuck in my head.  The speaker said “It’s not what you do, its why you do it”.  

I have been digging deep lately and asking myself why I do what I do and what it is that I love most about it.  The answer that comes to me is that I LOVE showing people how beautiful they are.

These days everyone sees themselves in iPhone snap shots or through other quick digital camera phone picts but when I put a lovely woman and her handsome fella in a beautiful setting and in the best light possible, I feel like I am blessed to be able to capture the essence of their love and it’s even more fulfilling to show them how totally beautiful they really are.

Stay Inspired, love



I&L engagement photosession

I simply love the airy dress of this beautiful young girl! She is stunning in the light and shine bright in her lover arms! He is handsome and sweet enough to make me every girl blush! They are an awesome couple and I feel very blassed to shot them!



I&L VIdeo Engagement

“For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.” – Judy Garland

Take a look at their video engagement. Video by Jessica Grazia Mangia






Wonderland tea party

There was a table set out under a tree in front of the house, and the March Hare and the Hatter were having tea at it: a Dormouse was sitting between them, fast asleep, and the other two were using it as a cushion, resting their elbows on it, and talking over its head. `Very uncomfortable for the Dormouse,' thought Alice; `only, as it's asleep, I suppose it doesn't mind.'

The table was a large one, but the three were all crowded together at one corner of it: `No room! No room!' they cried out when they saw Alice coming. `There's plenty of room!' said Alice indignantly, and she sat down in a large arm-chair at one end of the table.

I love Alice in Wonderland story and the tea party part has always inspired my mind, I think it's one of the most colorful moments of the story and it's a link between normal habits and madness, just a great mix of fun and reality. When I saw this Alice Tea Party set I couldn't keep my camera out of it and I shot all this pictures.

Stay Inspired, love






It's not what you do, it's why you do it

I love to listen Los Angeles radio station and I was listening to a talk about owning a business and this one question stuck in my head.  The speaker said “It’s not what you do, its why you do it”.  

I have been digging deep lately and asking myself why I do what I do and what it is that I love most about it.  The answer that comes to me is that I LOVE showing people how beautiful they are.

These days everyone sees themselves in iPhone snap shots or through other quick digital camera phone picts but when I put a lovely woman and her handsome fella in a beautiful setting and in the best light possible, I feel like I am blessed to be able to capture the essence of their love and it’s even more fulfilling to show them how totally beautiful they really are.

Stay Inspired, love



Souvenir de Paris

As the title of the post says these are memories of Paris. I shot this pictures after the shooting of an amazing couple who had their rende-vous in Paris. They probably knew that I like very much macarons so they gave me this present!!
I just love them!!!! I love them so much that I couldn't stop to shoot some pictures :)
I hope you guys enjoy them and you have some good memories too!
Stay Inspired, love




Video by Jessica Grazia Mangia

Have you ever seen a better proposal? This one is romantic, gorgeous, fun and sweet!
Em, has found a way to reach his fiancé heart with this video in which he did his best to propose him self. They met almost one year ago in Los Angeles and now that they are separate by the Ocean he decided that the time is mature enough to live together forever!!! I wish good luck to this amazing guy and congratulation to his fiancé!!!
Stay Inspired, love



Hey guys, this is one of the greatest sweetheart I ever met! This guy decided to propose himself to his Californian girlfriend in a very original way! Stay Inspired, love



This beautiful girl is Francesca Luna who is the singer of "Siamo Diversi" a great song written by her.
This is the shooting we did while we were taking the music video! Stay Inspired, love





I have this friend: Mariangela Lopez who is a Sexual Psycologist, who likes even be a fashion stylist! She is just awesome in the way in which mix and match accessorizes, choose dresses, t-shirts, pants, etc. She is a guru and today I wanna show you some pics, that might be an inspiration, for Christmas parties!
Stay Inspired, love


On October 30th 2013 I had the chance to shoot Edoardo Bennato at "The Place" in Rome.


Hey guys,
I'm happy because this blog is getting a lot of reviewes! So today I wanna post another project I worked for. This is a couple engagement, shooted in 1930. Of course I never been there, in that age, that's why this is a fiction made by me ;)





Singer: Francesca Luna
Record Lable: Target Music s.r.l.
Song: "Siamo diversi"
Director: Jessica Grazia Mangia
Assistant Director: Emilio Vincenzo Cattani
Director of Photography: Armando Buttafava Bonalloggi
Production Manager: Nadia Maria Mangia
Producer: Angelo Carrara
Make-up artist and hair dresser: Carlos Alfonso
Dresses: Petra Dorigoni

This music video was an amazing experience, for this I have to thank Angelo Carrara and his lable "Target Music s.r.l.". It was a great master for many of us and first of all I must underline that he was the discoverer of Luciano Ligabue, Baccini, Povia and many more. He hired me to shoot Francesca Luna music video and she is another great talent he sponsored!

I think I am blessed to had this chance and if, somewhere in the airy space, you are watching me: - thank you Angelo, always keep an eye on us -.
Stay Inspired, love


Almost one year ago I met this beautiful girl from the inside out! She is one of my best friend today and I want to share with you guys some cool pics about her! She's coming from Tokyo (Japan) but we are so close that every distance are not enough far to separate us!
Stay Inspired, love

Hello world, this is me :)


Hey everybody, I am finally posting my first blog post and I'm very excited! I am working on this project since a long time and now finally the plan comes true! This is Jessica Grazia Mangia, I am an international videomaker and photographer specialized in music videos, fashion, still life, weddings and all the good things! I was born in Italy and since I was very young I am attracted by light, colors, love, beauty. I am basically a beauty seeker :) I love wild and passionate spirits and I'm always looking for partership of that kind to grow to the inside out as person, photographer and videomaker.
I love to photography weddings and engaged couples, for example, because of the love there is in the air and all the good feelings that give to you!
I will try to be constant in publishing all my art works and I hope you will follow me :)
Stay Inspired, love




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